Travel and Places Web Sites

This Mysterious Places web site has pictures and information about mysterious and puzzling places from around the world.
A very intersting and educational web site devoted to Egypt. Information and pictures of Egyptian art and artifacts. You can also go on tours of Egypt and Egyptian sites.
The White House web site.
A handy reference to the Great Outdoors. Where to go, what to do, etc...
A cute web site with lots of interesting trivial about the different Disney parks. The Hidden Mickey sit is not sponsored by Disney, but it is still fun.
Would you like to send a prayer to be placed in the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem? Virtual Jerusalem - send a prayer can do it for you. This is quite serious and real.
Why not take a trip to Europe. Visit Central Europe at the Central Europe web site.
The Trip Planner is a neat little web site. It is a bit on the slow side and very limited in comparison to some of the trip planning cd-roms but they are working on it and for FREE, it is great.
If you are into the British Iskes, here is an on-line magazine for you. Britannia Internet Magazine is well organized and easy to use.
Do you feel like going to Ireland? Well, you can learn a good deal about Ireland by tuning into this well organized site. Do not let the name of Government of Ireland fool you!
OK! Here it is! The web site all of you car travellers have been waiting for. The Speedtrap Registry Find speed traps from all over the United States.
A very interesting site showing pictures and giving information about the Great Towers (Sky Scrapers) of the world.
A truly beautiful web site sponsored by PBS. A place to visit Living Edens. In other words, the most beautiful places on Earth.
A celebration of Festivals is a very informative site about all the various festivals and events around the world.
Here is an interesting site presented by ABC news. It is called Dangerous Places! This site will take you to locations around the world to which you might not otherwise go.
Here is a site which gives you a great pictorial tour of China's Farmers Market.
I thought I would put this site in as well. The Saturday Market site is a great online Farmers Market and has a number of world wide links. This is the base site for the China's Farmers Market site listed above.
The Air Trans Web Site.
The Delta Airlines Web Site.
The United Airlines Web Site.
The American Airlines Web Site.
The U.S. Airways Web Site.
The Continental Airlines Web Site.
The Trans World Airways Web Site.
The Southwest Airways Web Site.
The Northwest Airways Web Site.
Even though Pan American Airlines is now gone, it seemed appropriate to put the Pan Am historical web site on this page.
The Greyhound Bus Lines Web Site.
The AmTrak Web Site.
Banana Travel is a good resource for finding the cheapest fare for travel.
Here is Airwise - The Airport and Air Travel Guide. Quite a thorough web site for air travel.