Reference and Research Web Sites

This is a real slick site to get research information. The Electronic Library. It is quite complex though.
An on-line dictionary that utilizes over thirty different dictionaries of various categories. A little complex to use but interesting none-the-less.
This is one handy web site. The Elements of Style web site is a reference site for grammer and composition. This site is by William Strunk, Jr. and sponsered by Columbia University. You may remember his book also called "Elements of Style".
The Research It web site is a very handy word and phrase research tool. Meanings, rhymes, translations, and a whole lot more. You have got to see this one.
Now this is a great web site and it is nothing more than a rather large collection of foreign language dictionaries gathered together in one place.
While I have tried it, and it does seem to Translate Phrases you type. I do not know how accurate it comes out.
Voycabulary is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus that lets you check the words of any online document for meaning and definition. Interesting but not something you will use constantly.
The Information Please web site is a very interesting and useful almanac site covering many many areas.
Now here is a slick web site. You can use this site to calculate the answer to most math problems through trigonometry. Try Web Math, assuming it will not be cheating on your homework.