Media Related Web Sites

The Public Broadcasting System web site.
The FOX Network web site.
The CBS Network web site.
The NBC Network web site.
The ABC Network web site.
The CNN Network web site.
The National Geographic web site. What more needs to be said.
The Washington Post web site. Yes, their newspaper on-line.
The Science Fiction Channel web site known as the Dominion.
The Biography web site sponsored by A&E television.
A very interesting and useful web site sponsored by CNET Central. A weekly television show devoted exclusively to the Internet.
The Jeopardy game show web site.
If you are into contemporary music, where to listen to it and to chat about it, come to the Utlimate Band List web site.
Do you enjoy Comic Books? Well, ComicWorld is an extremely comprehensive site covering everything you could possibly want to know about comic books.
Einstein Revealed is a web site sponsored by the Public Broadcast System and is an accompanying site to the PBS NOVA television show of the same name.
Here is a neat little site, Audiences Unlimited. From this site you can get free tickets for the taping of network television shows.
The Random House Books web site. I guess I cannot say alot more than that.
How about visiting the Popular Science Magazine web site.
Do you ever watch that PBS show "CAR TALK". Well here it is, the official Car Talk web site.
The Why? Files takes a look at the science behind the news and is provided by the National Institute for Science Education.
How many First Lines of books do you recognize?
You can get the current CNN Weather Conditions for anywhere on this web site.
If thought I had best include the Weather Channel web site as well. You can get the current weather for anywhere on this web site also.
Here is the Metro Goldwyn Mayer - MGMweb site. All kinds of good stuff here.
Here is the Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel web site. (They are the same company.) You can get to The Learning Channel a little more directly using this link.
The Dragnet Webb site. As in Jack Webb. A site dedicated to the TV show and to Jack Webb.
Now here is a great site! Rolling Stone Radio has 12 channels of various types of music. You can even download the radio software from this site.
In case you cannot decide one specific television show everyday, the TV Ultra web site will give you its idea of the best each and every day.
The Time Warner Bookmark. This is the home of Warner Books, Inc. and Little, Brown and Company Publishers.
Here is the Roger Ebert movie review site.
A theater in the Charleston, SC area called the American Cinema Grill. A great place to have dinner with your movie.
A very well done site by a guy who is really into his hobby. My compliments to "King Spud" for his thorough research on Movies, TV and Actors.