History Related Web Sites

Propaganda Posters from World War II.
How is this for a web site? An Abridged History of the United Staes. Very well done and quite informative.
This is a real neat site. It is the Smithsonian Institutes National Museum of Natural History.
The Declartation of Independence web site.
A web site devoted to the Mountain Men and the Fur Trade: Sources of the History of the Fur Trade in the Rocky Mountain West.
Here is a very interesting site. United States Historical Census Data contains all kinds of interesting information about the U.S. and all of the state going back to 1790. All of it revolves around census data.
A web site dedicated to the History of Airlines.
A very interesting web site providing all kinds of information about the Battle of Hastings. You know, in 1066 when the Normons, lead by William the Conquerer, invaded England. By the way, the Saxons lost.
A very interesting site containing lesser known documents that helped shape American history.
The memoirs, diary, and life of Private Jefferson Moses, Company G, 93rd Illinois Volunteers. That is the basis for the Civil War - A Illinois Soldier web site. His Civil War memoirs, as well as other writings of his are here. Very interesting!