Food Related Web Sites

If you would like to lose weight, gain weight or have more energy check out The Wellness Solution.
A very cute page of recipes and food information. Anne's Recipes.
The Incredible Edible Egg web site sponsored by the American Egg Board. Lots of recipes and other neat stuff.
A very sweet web site dedicated to the sweet tooth in all of us. Candy USA is a web site sponsored by the National Confectioners Association and the Chocolate Manufacturers Association.
Here is the Kraft Foods Interactive Kitchen web site. A very good site with many interesting information about food, including recipes.
The New England Cheese Making web site. Everything you could possibly want to know about cheese.
If you are interested in Home Canning, this web site is for you. It contains all kinds of interesting information on home canning. It is a bit slow so be patient.
Order a pizza online from Pizza Hut. This is not an advertisement but it is kind of neat to order a pizza through the Internet. How do you suppose they get it through the phone line?
Have you ever thought of mailing a meal to someone, well here is the site for you. Mail-a-meal. Well, it is not really what you think, but it is cute.
Oh, Bananas! You guessed it, everything you could possibly want to know about bananas.
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!!! Glorious chocolate. What kind of chocolate? Godiva chocolate.
A web site this is a guide to what is available on the Internet for vegetarians. The Vegetarian Pages contain links to other web sites, recipes, nutritional information and the like.
Are you a chef? Are you interested in cooking? Do you want to know anything about the preparation of food? Go to the On-Line Chef.
Here is the Hellmanns web site. (You know, the Mayonnaise people.) All kinds of recipes and such.
How about a site of Bread Recipes?
Finally, the Sees Candy web site is now online. I have been waitind a while for this site. In my opinion, Sees Candy is the best there is. Mrs. Sees sure did a good job!
This is a site by Uncle Ben's, you know, the rice people, which has an interactive recipe system allowing you to design your own healthy meals.
A site full of Cake Recipes of all kinds.
Name that Candybar is a cute little site that allows you to figure out a candybar by looking at its cross-section.
The Coca-Cola web site.
The Pepsi web site.
The 7 UP web site.
The Dr Pepper web site.
The Scharffen Berger Chocolate Maker web site.
An incredible recipes site! This is Lisa's Cooking Cache which includes recipes for: Appetizers & snacks, beef, beverages, bread machine, breads & rolls, breakfast, crockpot, Desserts, dips/sauces/salad dressings/condiments, kosher, lowfat/healthy, meatless pasta, pork, poultry, seafood, Soups & sandwiches, vegetables & side dishes, and vegetarian dishes.