Computer and Internet Web Sites

A very useful site which will give you the Bandwidth Speed Test Results of your Internet connection. In other words, going to theis site tells you how fast your Internet connection runs.
This is a simple way to Look up info on a domain name using NSI - WHOIS Lookup.
This is the largest collection of search engines on the Internet. sponsored by CNET.
The U.S. Department of Energy's Computer Incident Advisory Capabilityweb site is a very informative site covering various informative topics related to the internet.
Shareware is a web site sponsored by C-Net Central which will search for any kind of shareware software on the net.
If you do a lot of you own creation and setup on the Net, and you are into free stuff, the Free Index site is a place to check out.
Why not, as it says, its free! Jennyanydots xx JenJen0214
A very interesting site by the Immersive Imaging Company. They have developed a 3D image viewing system that is incredible. Take a look!
The Worldox software is a Document management program designed primarily for law firms. Probably the number one Document Management system in use.
ZD Net is a good resource for all kinds of Windows software, drivers, etc..
Another great resource is WinMag. This is only for the Windows operating environment but it has alot of great stuff.
The Cables To Go web site is a great place to get any cable you could possibly need, as well as various other related stuff.
This is the US Robotics Upgrade site. If you need to upgrade your USR modem, start here. Remember that US Robotics is now owned by 3Com.
Garmin is the number one GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver on the market.
Bay Avionics is a California based business specializing in Aviation electronics.
The Motherboard Homeworld site is a great resouce for all kinds of info about PC motherboards.
The Apple Computers web site. What more needs to be said!
Easily the number one virus protection software is McAfee.
This is the McAfee page for the update of the anti-virus files for the 3.X McAfee software engine (original upgrade method).
This is the McAfee page for the update of the anti-virus files for the 3.X McAfee software engine (new upgrade method).
Much as I hate to admit it, I guess this page would not be complete without the Microsoft web site.
Bureau 21 is a large and respected service bureau.
Datacom International is a manufacturer of PBX systems as well as various other large and small telephone and voice systems.
Qualcomm is a manufacturer of various wireless telephones as well as the Eudora E-Mail software.
Since I just mentioned it, I thought I would go ahead and put the direct link to the Eudora E-mail Software web site.
Here is the Egghead Software web site. They sell alot more than software now.
Red Connect is a new Internet service provider offering a nre type of high speed connection.
InterNic is the admistrative organization for Internet Domian names. As an added note, InterNic is a cooperative effort between the US Government and the private company, "Network Solutions".
This is the page to go to in order to register a domain name. Network Solutions is the company that handles all Internet Domain name administration.
IBILL was a site that was set up to do online billing for smaller companies that would find it easier and ch eap to outsourse their bookkeeping and nastiest of all, the Payroll. Always a big YUCK!!!.
Netscape's site on Resources for Creating Web Sites.
I guess I had best put the Netscape Web Site on this list.
The Icon Bazaar web site is great site for clipart, sounds, animations, and graphics of all sorts.
The Cameo Hut web site is another great site for clipart, sounds, animations, and graphics of all sorts.
The Color Mix web site is an interesting site for calculating color codes for web pages. Give it a try!
Matt's Script's are a very popular set of Perl CGI scripts, as well as a few other types, designed for Internet use.
The Internet List is a great site for finding ISP's (Internet Service Providers) as well as various other Internet information.
Open Clipart is a great place to find any type of clipart images you might need. The search engine is fantastic and the number of images is truly unbeleivable. Oh, did I mention that it is all FREE?
Not quite as easy as others to use but JavaScript is still a very useful site.
A very well organized and effecient site to use. The Java Script Closet is a refreshing simple and easy to use site with many Java Scripts.
The Java Script Source is easiest site to use but a reasonably good source for Java Script.
Java Scripts is a very useful source for Java scripts. Not quite as easy to use as others but not bad at all.
The Java Boutique is the same as many of this sort. Fairly easy to browse and a good resource for Java script.
A bit tedious to get to the files but Nonags is great source for all kinds of freeware and shareware.
Winfile is also an incredible source for all kinds of freeware and shareware. This site however caters mostly to Windows utilities.
The CGI reource Index is a great resouce for CGI, Perl and related scripts.
The CGI reource Index Windows NT / Windows 2000 Tips, Tricks and Registry Hacks Page.
The CGI reource Index VIDEOGUYS.COM - The Electronic Mailbox - The Desk Top Video Handbook On Line.
The Webs Most Linked Page.